Non NHS Services

Fees for Non NHS Services

On occasion you may need our doctors to provide a private or “to whom it may concern” letter for such items as letters to the Council, education establishments, your employer, fitness to travel or travel cancellation etc.  We are very happy to do this for you and charge a fee as set out here:

Certificates and forms


Private sicknote/certificate


Driving Licence photograph


Freedom from infection certificate


Private medical insurance claim form

£55-£120 (depending on time taken)

Sickness/accident insurance benefit claim form

£55-£120 (depending on time taken)

Firearms licensing form


Medical examinations and reports


Fee for medical consultation – private patient

£80.00 for non residents all in

(includes script and or cert)

Nurse consultation (Not Bloods. Please refer to Gatwick Park)


Private Visit

£130.00 all in

Pre-employment medicals; LGV, PCV, taxi driver; elderly driver fitness certificate; fitness for sports; seat belt exemption, driving medicals


£150.00 (must bring opticians report)

Letter To Whom It May Concern – confirming fitness / medical condition


£50.00 (depending on time taken)


Pro forma report, no exam, please refer to doctor


Detailed written report, no exam


Comprehensive examination report


Paternity Tests (Using Cellmark) - Per person


General Practitioners Report for insurance applicants


Targeted Report for insurance applicants


GP Supplementary Report – insurance applicants


Court of Protection

£150.00 (£165.00 with visit)

Access to records under Data Protection Act *


Computerised records

Free of Charge

Manual records or combination of manual/computer records


Free of Charge

Travel abroad and Injections


Private scripts e.g. Malaria Prophylaxis


Vaccination certificate e.g. meningitis


Holiday cancellation certificate


Fitness to travel certificate

May require examination



Valid From 01.07.23- Exp 31.03.24

The letter will take up to 21 days from receipt of payment.  Payment can be made by cash or cheque (payable to Bridge Medical Centre) or bank transfer (Bridge Medical Centre Account No. 31039928 Sort Code 60 06 20 with your name as the reference).  Simply, come along to reception where you will be asked to identify what it is you are after, complete a form and pay for the service.  As soon as it is done, we will contact you by text or email to let you know your letter is ready for collection.

* When requesting access to records under Data Protection Act please print a request form from the link below: