The Crawley Access Hub

The Crawley Access Hub is a new NHS Medical Service designed for the Crawley population to have additional access to GP services.

A number of Crawley Practices are taking part in this new service and will have daily access to additional Doctor’s appointments for patients to consult with a GP. The number of appointments available for each Practice will be allocated, according to the Practice’s patient list size. These appointment sessions could be held at a number of different Practices located within the Crawley area. Patient’s wishing to access these appointments will be offered an appointment by a receptionist or clinician at their registered Practice.

To access this service you will be asked for consent to share your medical records with other medical professionals, i.e. the GP that will be seeing you in the Crawley Access Hub. You will be asked for your consent to share your records when your appointment is being made, and you will also be asked again by the Doctor before your consultation begins. Your consent will be recorded on your medical records.

If you wish to dissent to sharing your medical records, you will not be able to consult with a Doctor working for the Crawley Access Hub, as this Doctor will not have access to your medical records. However this will not affect your rights to consult with a doctor or other health care professionals at your registered Practice.

You can change your consent status at any time by informing staff at your registered Practice. Any individual consultations that you do not wish to share can be marked as private.

When booking an appointment for this service a receptionist will ask you for a brief outline of your medical problem to ensure that an appointment in the Crawley Access Hub is the correct option for you.

This service will comply with Information Governance rules and regulations.

For more information on data sharing please look at the NHS Choices website or ask at reception for a leaflet.

If you would like more information on this service, please ask at reception.